Electric vehicles (EV) have come a long way in recent decades, and the trucking industry has embraced EV technology in a big way. The fuel savings that come along with electric trucks are hard to ignore, and the EPA has highly encouraged the use of all-electric vehicles to keep the environment cleaner and reduce carbon emissions.

Although electric truck technology is still be perfected, it’s fairly safe to say that the industry has reached a point at which electric technology can compete with traditional fuel options. In fact, Peterbilt is so confident in electric technology and its benefits that the company has now begun taking orders for the Peterbilt 579EV.

Overdrive Online recently shared Peterbilt’s announcement for the 579EV while also detailing a bit about the truck’s modern energy-saving features. According to the article, “The 579EV is available in a tandem drive configuration with Meritor 14Xe e-axle motors providing power through the drive inverters. Regenerative braking captures energy from stop-and-go operations to help recharge the batteries and maximize the truck’s range.”

Peterbilt has issued a statement claiming that production will begin in the second quarter of 2021, so if you’re planning to make a new truck purchase and are ready to take advantage of electric technology, now is the time to place your order. Delivery details may be subject to region and order status.

Aside from conforming to EPA recommendations, the 579EV will also qualify for the Hybrid and Zero-Emissions Truck and Bus Voucher Program (HVIP) of California. This program has been designed to provide a financial incentive for purchasing all-electric trucks and other heavy equipment.

Currently, a $150,000 discount is applied through a voucher at the time of purchase from a dealer. Funding for HVIP is limited, however, so you will want to ensure that funds are still available for the fiscal year in which you plan to make your purchase. For more information, visit HVIP online.