Chief Intern Extraordinaire Samantha Gorman - Buzznerd Trucks

Chief Intern Extraordinaire Samantha Gorman – Buzznerd Trucks

I, owner Jerry Van Galder, and our intern Samantha Gorman recently attended the 2018 Sandhills Global Forum August 7th & 8th. The opportunity to meet the various dealers and Sandhill reps, and basically put faces to the voices we’ve worked with over the years was a real pleasure.

We discussed many important things at the 2018 Sandhills Global Forum in regards to Dealers’ digital needs. One thing that was consistent across the various industries, whether they were Airplane, Agriculture Equipment, Construction Equipment, Commercial Truck or Trailer Dealer, was the interest in Search Engine Optimization for Dealers’ digital properties.

The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of attracting organic traffic (non-paid-for traffic) to your website. Over the years, people have tried many different ways to do this, but the following rules are the basis of good SEO:

1. Unique content that provides value to your customer
2. An easy way to find that unique content along with other pages on your website
3. In-page content that is organized in a structured and understandable way
4. Proper linking within the website, to other websites, and links from them to you

We are experts when it comes to SEO and can provide an initial consultation and analysis of your website for free. Please contact us to get something scheduled.

Updating Inventory on the Website

Another common need expressed to us was the ability to update a Dealer’s website inventory easily, consistently and automatically. One of the key benefits of being a Sandhills Preferred Partner is our ability to access dealer inventory data on-the-fly and automatically import it into your website. This means you only need one entry point to update your inventory – eliminating duplicate entry and keeping inventory information consistent.

Looking Forward

Buzznerd Trucks is built to meet the needs of Dealers, it’s what we do. We look forward to bringing you the most powerful and effective technologies and marketing. Contact Us to Learn More.