Buzznerd Trucks is proud to announce our new partnership with Sandhills Publishing / Truck Paper. We are excited to work with their teams meeting the online needs of Truck & Trailer dealers, and to integrate our website technologies into their back-end cloud applications. Some of the benefits to this are:
* Instant inventory updates to the dealers website
* Elimination of redundant inventory uploads
* Instant featuring of inventory on the website
By having this access we make it easier for you the dealer to manage and publish your online inventories, and to pave a path for future features, such as comprehensive asset valuation software and other portals that simplify buyer services.

To read more about our partnership with Truck Paper / Sandhills Publishing, download the article recently published in the Sandhills Magazine that highlights the benefits of this strategic alliance.

Sandhills Publishing Truck Paper Preferred Partner Buzznerd Trucks Article

We are excited for things to come and hope you are too. Interested in learning more about what Buzznerd Trucks can do for your business? Email us to learn more, and schedule a free comprehensive data analysis of your current web presence.

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