How To Fill Your Truck or Trailer Dealership’s Job Openings

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There are several ways to get your company’s job openings out there and in front of applicants. This article will showcase how we at Buzznerd Trucks utilize these different methods to bring applicants to [...]

Buzznerd Trucks at 2018 Sandhills Global Forum – Learning Dealer Needs

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Chief Intern Extraordinaire Samantha Gorman - Buzznerd Trucks I, owner Jerry Van Galder, and our intern Samantha Gorman recently attended the 2018 Sandhills Global Forum August 7th & 8th. The opportunity to meet [...]

Buzznerd Trucks Launches New Kenworth Sales Co. Website

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Buzznerd Trucks is proud to announce the launch of the redesigned Kenworth Sales Company website. Buzznerd Trucks worked alongside the Kenworth Sales Company marketing team to come up with an easy to navigate, professionally [...]

Buzznerd Trucks Now A Preferred Partner Of Truck Paper / Sandhills Publishing

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Buzznerd Trucks is proud to announce our new partnership with Sandhills Publishing / Truck Paper. We are excited to work with their teams meeting the online needs of Truck [...]

Every Click Counts When It Comes To Converting Visitors to Leads on Your Truck Website

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There’s no debating that the more complicated your website, the more difficult it is for customers to use it. There are many reasons a well designed and maintained website is essential to business, but its [...]

Need OEM Product Pages For Your Website? A Breakdown Of The Freightliner New Cascadia Product Page Example

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New Product Pages will help your website in multiple ways. In this article we want to highlight the two most important reasons to have OEM product information. We also want to showcase a Freightliner [...]

Want More Truck Leads and Credit Apps? Your Website Forms Matter.

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As with everything, the devil is in the details. When it comes to getting truck leads and credit apps, one of the details is the form. There's a lot about forms that will decide whether [...]