In real estate, the key is LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.

When it comes to buying trucks, the key is


At Johnson Truck Center and Dovell & Williams, we have the INVENTORY ON THE GROUND right now and ready for you to put in service. Why put up with the OEM backlog timeframes or the extra months it will take to get delivery?

Check out our new Freightliner M2 medium duty trucks with either Detroit DD8 or Cummins engines. Dozens available!
Contact Scott Cromwell for more info: (443) 924-0081
Check out our new Isuzu and Fuso offerings. Dozens available!
Contact Bob Rickert: (443) 670-2017
We offer Finance Lease options that can be bundled with Fleet Maintenance agreements upon request.

Our Used Truck Manager Greg Halsey (443) 277-1507 can take down your truck specs and requirements and be your eyes and ears to find just the vehicle that meets your needs. But first check out the extensive used inventory that is on the ground and ready to roll.

Maybe you have a Used Truck that we could purchase — an option for you to dispose of an older unit or upgrade to a new truck. The time has never been better to sell your used asset. We would especially like to talk to you if you have a Class 5-7 truck with under 200,000 miles in fairly good condition. Take advantage of the depreciation tax laws and upgrade now to a new unit.

Now we are selling both new and used trucks out of our brand new facility in Manassas VA — check it out!
When it comes to maintaining your truck fleet, you might consider our Fleet Management Services. We can customize any type of onsite PM program to fit your needs.
Contact Scott Griffin: (609) 313-1151
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