Enhanced Bendix System Available in Kenworth Models


Safety on the road is a priority for both trucking companies and truck operators. That’s why there’s so much excitement about the cutting-edge technology in the enhanced Bendix Wingman Fusion system. The features are now available on select Kenworth heavy & medium-duty trucks. Check out some facts on how it benefits owners and drivers.


Features of the Enhanced Bendix Hi-Tech System

Changing lanes, moving on and off the exits of a roadway are all maneuvers where extra caution is needed. This system provides visual and sound alerts when a maneuver is putting the truck and the driver in danger. In addition, this system is capable of engaging the brakes if it senses the vehicle leaves the roadway unintentionally.

In a March 2020 article in Transport Topics, Kenworth Motor Co.’s assistant general manager for sales and marketing stated, “Bendix Wingman Fusion is popular among fleets and truck operators. The system’s addition of highway departure braking and the multilane autonomous emergency braking are important technologies that can benefit our customers.” The enhanced level of safety is a welcome addition as truck operators cross back and forth over our country’s roadways.


More Benefits of Having this System in Heavy and Medium Duty Trucks

When a truck carries this extra level of protection, vendors feel more at ease about the safety of their costly cargo. Companies and vendors have products transported across the country. They want to feel confident that their items won’t be damaged or lost due to preventable accidents on the road.

This technology can give truck operators more peace of mind when driving in inclement conditions. The cutting-edge technology makes driving in snow, ice, and rainstorms a little less challenging for even the most seasoned truck operators.