There’s no debating that the more complicated your website, the more difficult it is for customers to use it. There are many reasons a well designed and maintained website is essential to business, but its most important functions are to showcase your products and services, and convert your visitors to leads.

The best way to do this is to limit the amount of clicks a person has to make in order to submit their information. Streamlining a customers experience pays big returns on retention and conversion. This holds especially true for mobile users, who account for the majority of your website traffic – and in case you’re wondering, yes, our data show that commercial truck/trailer related customers primarily use their mobile devices to access your website (60-70% in fact).

Think of each click as a hurdle to leap, an opportunity for distraction, an additional task that can get in the way of obtaining that lead.


With our latest feature addition, we address a common two-click scenario:

  1. From the truck/trailer inventory page, the customer clicks on the truck to View Details.
  2. From the details page of the truck/trailer, the customer then Requests More Info about the truck


We’ve done two things to eliminate a click

  1. Added a way to inquire about a truck/trailer directly from the inventory page

2. Provided a way to carousel through images of the trucks directly from the inventory page (because what’s the main reason visitors want to View Details? To look at more photos!):