New Product Pages will help your website in multiple ways. In this article we want to highlight the two most important reasons to have OEM product information. We also want to showcase a Freightliner New Cascadia Product Page example and break it down so you understand what goes into these OEM Product Pages.

Why OEM Product Pages?

The primary reason is fairly obvious: provide your customers the information they need before buying a new truck. By providing this information you keep the customer on your website so they don’t have to leave. Conversely, if you direct them back to the OEM site to learn more about the truck they are interested in, they leave your site and you run the risk of them not coming back. Keep them on your website. Provide them all the information they need to bring you business.

The second important aspect of new product pages is the Search Engine Optimization. Google and Bing love to see informative content when ranking your website in their search results. By providing this information on your website you show search engines that you’re a source of good info and this helps your search rankings when customers do search queries.

Freightliner New Cascadia Product Page Example

We’re going to break down an example OEM New Product Page. We chose to use the Freightliner New Cascadia New Product Page for this article.

Make sure your OEM New Product Pages adapt to the viewport  your customers are using

Your OEM New Product pages need to automatically adapt to customers viewports (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile, etc) to properly view them. This is called “responsive” in website terms. By having your OEM New Product Pages automatically adapt to the customers  viewport, you ensure it’s readable and effective. Also, search engines determine how “mobile-friendly” your pages are and will factor that into their search result rankings.

Mobile Example:

OEM New Product Pages Responsive Pages

Provide a way for them to download the actual brochure

Yes, sometimes your customers want to download and print the actual brochure. It’s important you provide a way for them to do this. One way to capture lead information is to request an email address so the brochure link can be emailed to them as shown in the example below (in red):

Freight New Cascadia Product Page Brochure Link Example

Anything interactive will make the experience for the customer enjoyable

The following example is of a slider treatment we used that replicates the actual OEM page that the customer can drag to view what’s inside the Freightliner New Cascadia Truck:

Freightliner New Product Pages Interactive Example

Make it attractive and eye-catching

Freightliner did a great job with the new product pages so instead of recreating the wheel, we used different technologies to provide this best-in-class example:

OEM Freightliner Product Pages eye-catching design

Provide related links of your products and services

Don’t forget to provide the customer a way to learn more about your products and services that are related to the new product page.

OEM Freightliner Product Page Links to Products and Services


In summary, your OEM New Product pages are online brochures that will be viewed 100x more than a paper brochure, will bring you website traffic and will cost you next to nothing to print. It’s a win-win-win and by not having them, you are quite simply not taking advantage of a core feature of what website is meant to do: provide information to your users.

We here at Buzznerd Trucks have a library of new product pages that we can incorporate into your website. From Fuso, Isuzu to Western Star and Kenworth, if we don’t have it, we will make it. Contact us to learn more or to view some in action. We empower the commercial truck dealership and are here to help your business.

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