In a previous article, we reported Facebook Marketplace messages seeing an uptick through May and June. We are happy to report now after seeing July and August numbers, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be causing no issue to this platform for lead generation.

FB MP Message Trends - August
  •  OEM dealers (Dealer 1, Dealer 2) -Looking at these trends more closely, these dealers were getting more leads than ever in May and June.
  • Used truck dealers (Dealer 3, Dealer 4) -The hardship has not affected the amount of leads coming in since February.
  • July seems to have returned a little bit of a down turn for our Heavy Truck dealers as compared to June, implying a return to average leads, but overall has been trending above average.
  • August is showing a continued upturn for our dealers across the board.

August has shown even further evidence the pandemic is a non-factor for Facebook Marketplace. We will, again, keep monitoring this trend in upcoming months and keep you informed.