In recent months we expected a drop in leads being generated by Facebook Marketplace – no doubt coinciding with COVID-19 shutdowns. This drop was expected to align with drops in leads from other advertiser platforms in the trucking industry. 

However, we are happy to see leads not only maintain during the downturn but bounce back in the month of May.


Looking at these trends more closely, the heavy trucking dealers (Dealer 1, Dealer 2) are getting more leads than ever. For our medium duty truck dealers (Dealer 3, Dealer 4), the hardship has not affected the amount of leads coming in since February. 

June is looking like it will fare well for our Heavy Trucking and Trailer customers and overall, we are happy to see Facebook Marketplace performing well for our dealers. It’s proving to be a reliable source for lead generation even at the worst of times in our economy. We will post more lead results in the upcoming months so you can stay informed.