There are several ways to get your company’s job openings out there and in front of applicants. This article will showcase how we at Buzznerd Trucks utilize these different methods to bring applicants to your organization.

Third-Party HR/Recruiting/On-Boarding Platforms

careers_iframe buzznerd trucks

Example of jobs from ApplicantStack is pulled into Kenworth Sales Company Careers page using an iFrame

Larger dealerships use third-party HR platforms like ApplicantStack or iCims. These are full-blown HR/Recruiting/Onboarding/Offer software suites that can do a lot of the recruiting leg work and then some.

In order to incorporate these platforms into dealer websites, we pull the job openings into a Careers page via what’s called an iFrame. iFrames serve as windows that sit on a web page so that when viewed, you’re actually viewing the job openings from the third-party platform itself, and we make it look as seamless as possible.

When it comes to marketing these job openings, much of this is done within these third-party platforms, that are typically automated to syndicate into job aggregate sites like Monster, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, etc. Much of the time however, they don’t provide an easy way to pull your job openings back into your website — but the iFrame method handles this. Having your job openings on your own website, even when managed and marketed within these third-party platforms, is key to attracting new job applicants.

Centralizing Your Job Openings On Your Website

careers_website_job_board buzznerd trucks

Example of job openings added within the website of Utility Trailer Sales of Oregon and published on their Careers page:

Job openings can be made available within the dealer website itself. If all you need is a way to get your openings onto your website, we provide an easy-to-use Job board program that allows you to do everything you need to publish and manage your jobs. With an intuitive admin UI, filterable job listings for applicants, front-end submissions, resume management, job alerts, deadlines and Indeed & ZipRecruiter integration – we have a robust solution for most dealers. On top of that, it adopts the design of the dealer website, providing a seamless look & feel.

One of the benefits of having your jobs on your own website is sharing them on Facebook.  Sharing your jobs on Facebook is essential.

Using an Aggregate Job Site Such as ZipRecruiter or Indeed


Job openings can be made available on third party aggregate job sites like ZipRecruiter or Indeed. A lot of dealers only post their job openings on one or more of these sites. Don’t expect them to integrate with each other though – because they are competitors they do not share data. Given their popularity however, one of these sites may be all you need. They do provide all of the basic features to get your job openings into their system. But because of how they protect their data, getting these job openings back into your website can be a pain.

Using Social Media to Post Your Job Openings

facebook_created_job_example buzznerd trucks

Intermountain Trailer Facebook Job Posting Example

Job openings can also be advertised on social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, and some dealers rely solely on social media sites to post their job openings. LinkedIn and Facebook both have optimized their job provider and job seeker functionalities, and a lot of times this is all you need. But again, getting these jobs back into your website usually takes considerable work.

What do we recommend?

If you must use third-party HR software, we will still pull your job openings back into your website. But we recommend plugging your job openings into your website directly, letting your website serve as a hub, and then syndicating out to other aggregate sites and social media. This way, you bring job applicants back to your website where they can learn more about your company and your culture. This inbound marketing technique can be utilized not just with jobs, but with inventory too. The hub and spoke model is where it’s at. With jobs and inventory — bring the person to your website, get the traffic, and get the applicant.

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