For those of you out there that have dealt with importing the CSV file that Truck Paper provides you might’ve seen this before – non UTF-8 characters :



First time we encountered it was some 5 or so years ago and it was common. In fact, they appeared in almost every Truck Paper CSV you’d download when you’re needing your own inventory (that you manually uploaded in the first place). It was frustrating but we got through it. At first it was a Find & Replace routine in Excel to get rid of these but after a while we just created a simple script that automatically removes these characters so it doesn’t hose your import.

All in all, it’s pain to have to accommodate this again. After not seeing these for the past 7-8 months we assumed Truck Paper fixed it but apparently not. And so it goes…

On a side note, and regarding inventory download from Truck Paper, there’s a new bug we helped find that they are currently working on. The gist of it is that if your image filenames start with the number “3”, for some reason the photos aren’t being downloading with your zip file. We will have an update on this here.