Heavy-duty construction trucks and their operators are no strangers to ruts, holes, eroding roads, and the generally uneven ground of a construction site. The Mack Trucks company has taken a huge step forward in improving both the safety and productivity of its trucks and truck operators. Introducing: Mack Command Steer. Find out about this active steering system soon to be available for Granite axle back vocational models.

Features of This Innovative Steering System

The design of this system has sensors located all over a truck. These sensors are constantly monitoring the terrain the truck is traveling over, driver actions, and the general environment. Specifically, sensors pick up signals over 2,000 times a second! The system adjusts the steering actions based on the data received via the sensors.

Assisting Drivers with Control and Safety

If you’re a heavy-duty truck operator who works on construction sites, you know the toll that steering a heavy-duty truck can take on your body. In a March 2020 article in Transport Topics, Roy Horton, Mack Trucks’ director of product strategy states, “With the added steering assist from Mack Command Steer, we are able to reduce driver effort by 85%…” In short, the new steering technology takes some of the physical toll of operators so they can focus on being as productive as possible on the job site.

In addition, this steering system has a return to zero feature. The steering wheel moves back to its center location following a maneuver. This is yet another feature that helps a driver when making challenging turns or other movements on a construction site.

This active steering system is an advanced technology that can reduce truck accidents on the job site and ease the physical stress on an operator all while getting the work done in a more efficient way.