Kiel Trout of RWC Isuzu Truck Seattle Earns 2nd place Honors with U.S. Team

Kiel Trout from RWC Isuzu Truck Seattle recently took part in the 13th Annual Isuzu World Technical Competition, and brought home the silver medal with his 3-man American team. 32 teams competed for top honors, and the US represented well once again, finishing second for the second year in a row.

The team of 3 technicians included Trout, Matt Bertagnoli of Lynch Isuzu Truck in Waterford, Wisconsin and Josiah Carr of Susquehanna Isuzu Truck in West Milton, Pennsylvania, who beat out 9 other technicians in this year’s 2nd annual North American Isuzu competition. The team was coached by Justin Ridings, Technical Training Specialist for Isuzu Commercial Truck of America.

Within the competition, the American team had the distinct disadvantage of working with a diagnostic system not used in the U.S., as well as an electrical system and engine platform (the Isuzu 4j) that are not common in the U.S. To address this challenge, the American team had to improvise while training stateside, placing photos and post-it notes on their training vehicle to simulate where components would be on the competition vehicle.

Ridings, who also coached last year’s team, praised Trout as “very quick and thorough with reading information and processing it.”

In the competition, Trout de-bugged and started his truck with 12 minutes left on the clock – a full 10 minutes before the Taiwan team accomplished the same feat… By comparison, the Japanese team – a six-time winner of the event – started their truck with 22 minutes left on the clock, but finished the overall challenge in roughly the same amount of time as the Americans.

Japan and the Phillipines each won their respective categories, which were formed based on country’s emissions standards, with Japan besting nine other countries, and the Phillipines topping twenty-two.

The U.S. team scored highest in the written portion of the competition, but Team Japan surged to victory in the practical exercise.

Coach Ridings attributes the team’s recent success to the installation and development of a North American contest two years ago – a tournament which finds the three best technicians in the company’s network and then hones their skills in preparation for the global stage.

By finishing in the top 3, Trout and Bertagnoli must retire from the competition, but the valuable experience they gained both preparing for, and competing in the competition is something they can share back home. Trout says he is looking forward to working with the 2019 North American team and passing on what he’s learned in hopes of helping that team take gold.

The field was divided into two groups:
Category A: Israel, Taiwan, Japan, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland,
Category B: Mexico, South Africa, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Oman, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Russia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Kenya and Kuwait


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