Automaker Tesla, Inc. owner Elon Musk continues to push electronic automobile technology in new directions, recently tweeting that an electric pickup truck may soon be in development at the innovative Tesla company.

Musk has suggested the pickup may be a miniature version of the semi, and a striking mock-up shows the proposed pickup carrying a smaller pickup in its bed. Indeed, Musk describes the proposed pickup as “a pickup truck that can carry a pickup truck”. However, Musk has also said the truck would be comparable in size to a Ford F-150. As much as the truck’s design may be uncertain, Musk’s enthusiasm for the project is clear.

Tesla unveiled the semi truck prototype on November 16th. PepsiCo and Anheuser-Busch have reserved 100 and 40 trucks apiece, along with  orders from WalMart, Sysco and J.B. Hunt. The electric semis are slated for a 2019 rollout, and Musk has promised that the trucks will have a 500 mile range.

tesla electric pickup truck rendering
“A pickup truck that can carry a pickup truck” -Elon Musk
tesla electric pickup truck rendering
Proposed Tesla electric pickup
tesla electric semi truck for electric pickup truck
Tesla electric semi truck
tesla electric semi interior for electric pickup truck
Interior of Tesla electric semi

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