According to an article in Transport Topics published in June 2020, House Democrats plan to discuss the yearly funding allocated for the United States DOT this summer. Learn more about these debates and what effects governmental decisions have on the transportation industry.

The 2021 Budget

Housing, transportation, and urban development are all being considered for appropriations bills for the fiscal year 2021. The discussion in Congress will involve a possible 4% increase (from last year) in funding for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This Administration is in charge of overseeing trucking policies.

The Federal-Aid Highway Program

In addition, the debate will take place in the democrat-led House regarding a highway law that took effect in 2015. This law is due to expire on September 30th and updates are necessary.

“Transportation leaders recently unveiled a five-year, $494 billion measure that would provide $319 billion for the federal-aid highway program at the Federal Highway Administration.”(Transport Topics, June 2020)

The Proposed DOT Budget

  • Discretionary spending: $21.6 billion. This is a decrease of 13% from last year.
  • Mandatory contract authority and obligation limitations: $66.2 billion. This is an increase of 8% from last year.
  • Grants for infrastructure and freight: $1 billion.

Issues of Law Enforcement Legislation

Also on the agenda, this summer in Washington is law enforcement legislation. Members in both the House and the Senate are considering changes in this area brought on by protests concerning the death of George Floyd. Both political parties seek to ensure equal protection for all citizens under the laws of our country.