Volvo Trucks North America (VTNA) and Boston-based Perceptive Automata pursues a new prototype intuitive AI system that acts like a second set of eyes. By using software developing for automated vehicles, this intuitive AI system by VTNA can figure out if people, bicycles and cars will enter the path of the truck.

Sensors are becoming a common part of tractor trailer safety systems, giving drivers information about areas they can’t see around their truck. However, all these sensors can do is detect the presence of an object. This new AI gathers information from these sensors, figures out what these objects are and assesses their likely path of movement. For example, if you see a person facing the road next to a curb, you can guess that they will try to cross the street. This system can make the same sort of judgment by determining the person’s position and motion. From there, it warns the driver and informs other safety systems of a possible collision. This both helps the driver locate hazards and activates systems like automatic braking in more situations where an impact is likely to occur. The software can identify and determine the actions of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.


VTNA Pursues Intuitive AI to Improve Safety

Perceptive Automata

Volvo and Perceptive Automata demonstrated proof-of-concept software at the headquarters of DHE Freight in Ontario, California. There is no word on when this system will come to market.