As with everything, the devil is in the details. When it comes to getting truck leads and credit apps, one of the details is the form. There’s a lot about forms that will decide whether the prospect submits their information.buzznerd trucks above-or-below-the-foldThe first thing is to make sure your form is “above-the-fold” on desktop browsers and usable on mobile devices. Above-the-fold basically means it appears at the top of the page. There are instances however where you’d want it at the bottom such as when you want the user to scroll through truck/parts/trailer inventory beforehand.buzznerd trucks call-to-actionSecond thing is to make your form accessible by a call-to-action. Call-to-action means just that, it’s a Call To Action. Most of the time the CTA will be a button with the CTA as the label, e.g. “Apply Now” Third is to limit the amount of fields to just what you what and what you need. Every additional field is just a potential roadblock for the customer filling out the form. For fields that you need filled out, clearly mark them as required.

buzznerd trucks required fields example Fourth. Credit applications usually consist of a full page of fields so consider adding a way to make fields appear/disappear depending on what is filled out or selected (Dynamic Fields). Another options is to break the credit app into steps, e.g. Personal Information >> Business Information >> References, etc.

Dynamic Fields Can Shorten The Form By Providing Only Relevant Fields


buzznerd trucks dynamic fields Fifth is a tough one and has to do with CAPTCHA. We have all seen them – they’re the annoying and cryptic code that you need to type in to prove you’re not a robot sent out to SPAM. Our forms does away with these entirely using a totally different type of technology that has been working flawlessly. Sixth and the most important is to ensure your prospects privacy.

buzznerd trucks secure forms

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