Has the new Cascadia dethroned the Volvo 780 as the best Team Driver truck on the road?

best_team_driver_truckThe need for drivers in not news – but the visible shift of resources, to maximize equipment value while refining and improving compensation to drivers, is a growing trend. The quickest way to secure and grow driver pools is compensation. There is increasing intent to get more miles in a shorter time by slip seating or team driver focus. (i)

Freightliner has long had the largest market share in both the total heavy truck market and the segmented long haul market. (ii)  A more nuanced review of the Long Haul Market by driver type reveals their market dominance does not translate as definitively. Among others, The Volvo 780, the large flagship truck from Volvo Trucks NA, has long punched above its weight in the team driver segment.

With the advent of the New Cascadia model, Freightliner finally have a comparable work station and added some strategic steel in the construction to improve cab noise diminishing. Volvo still has their pioneering i-Shift in the power train and more interior space. So the question is which is better?

Data will tell you. Nearly every truck purchase begins with a search. The search questions, brands and options tell the story in your market. Buzznerd Trucks can help you win the deal by winning the search.

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