A lot of times dealers don’t know that their inventory is hosted elsewhere (SOARR, Truck Paper and others). Most of the time it appears on the dealer website as if it was a part of it. But it’s not. Usually the inventory is pulled into the dealers website through what’s called an iframe: The <iframe> tag specifies an inline frame. An inline frame is used to embed another document within the current HTML document. 

Here’s a perfect example of this – notice how it pulls the truck paper inventory into the webpage:



What’s equally as bad is when you view inventory for a particular TEC store, they pull from SOARR so you’re going to get inventory consistencies between it and the truck paper inventory above.



So when using an iframe to pull inventory into your site, you’re actually not hosting it and thus not getting the SEO advantage of all of your inventory.

Here’s another trick not usually recommended. Hosting your inventory on a subdomain (research “SEO using subdomains”). In this case MK Truck Centers is hosting their inventory on another site/platform using the “inventory” subdomain (underlined in red below):












To show you how hosting your own inventory helps your SEO, we’ve used the TEC Equipment Seattle site and did a Google search for “volvo 780 seattle”  (we’ve numbered the results so when we explain them you can follow along) :




























Number 1) The first organic search result comes from Commercial Truck Trader which takes you here:



Where are the Volvo 780 trucks?! We’ve actually seen other returns from Commercial Truck Trader where it would show :

A. Incorrect trucks

B. Listing of competing dealer trucks

C. Listing of trucks on the East Coast of the country!

Not very reliable…






Now lets take a look at some of the other results:





That’s more like it, right? A Seattle Dealer (TEC Equipment Seattle) shows up as the 2nd Search Result with ACTUAL Volvo 780’s !






What’s more, and a case for this article, the TEC Equipment Seattle’s Volvo 780 LISTING shows up as the 3rd as seen above.


The more you know… SEO matters and hosting your inventory is huge.