Kellylynn McLaughlin Women in Trucking When you think of the typical truck driver what image comes to mind? Chances are, you pictured a male driver. Well, Kellylynn McLaughlin, the first female ambassador for the Women in Trucking Association (WIT) is out to change that stereotype and get more women in trucking!

The Rewards of Being a Truck Driver

In a June 15th, 2020 article in American Trucker, Kellylynn admits it was never her plan to become a truck driver. But, after taking a ride in a big rig, she was hooked! She went through training and has been an OTR driver for the last four years.

One of Kellylynn’s favorite things about being a driver is watching the landscape change with the seasons. She loves to see the homes and businesses in small towns and big cities. In short, she observes the world from her own, ‘tractor office.’

Changes in Training and Safety

Kellylynn wants women to know today’s trucks are made with cutting-edge safety equipment and guidance systems. This new technology make the training process even easier. Plus, truck stops are putting forth efforts to maintain clean restrooms and other facilities so women in trucking can feel at ease wherever they stop.

Encouraging Words from a Dedicated Driver

The most important message she wants to deliver to women who may be thinking about a truck driving career is they can make it happen!

Kellylynn is now traveling with a WIT trailer exhibition designed to educate and encourage more women to look into this rewarding career.