Work Truck Maintenance Trends TechnologyOne of the many responsibilities of a truck fleet manager is to make sure every vehicle is in good, working condition. When truck maintenance is needed, the manager has to decide the best, most cost-effective way to get the work done. Learn how fleet managers handle truck maintenance and vehicle impact, as well as what part technology plays in the process.


Outsourcing or In-House Maintenance

Some fleet managers keep their truck maintenance work in-house while others prefer outsourcing. Also, there are some that use both methods. It all depends on the type of repair work involved. Truck size is an example of vehicle impact on maintenance.

According to a May 12th, 2020 article in Heavy Duty Trucking, “…bodywork still tops the list for all fleet sizes as a top outsourced maintenance need..” Transmission work is also outsourced.

The article goes on to state that keeping some repair work in-house cuts down on costs and gets the job done quickly.

A survey by Work Truck magazine concluded that, “For maintenance, a combination approach is still preferred by fleets of all sizes…”


Technicians and Truck Technology

Though new technology means safer vehicles, there have been some issues regarding technician training. “As the manager of a municipal fleet and repair garage, I am most deeply concerned about the shortage of qualified (or even interested) mechanics in the industry,” one respondent said. (Heavy Duty Trucking, May 2020).

On a positive note, this opens the door to fully trained technicians who want to start a career where they’re in high demand!