When do people need advanced search and filter features to get the truck they’re looking for? What makes this complicated feature unique to the trucking industry?

To help answer this question, I’m going to focus on desktop Search/Filters that Truck Paper provides in their Detailed Search (note that I couldn’t fit the entire page in my screenshot) :

Truck Paper Detailed Search


First impression is that it’s pretty complicated, right? And who would actually fill all of this out? Just staring at the various drop-downs and fields makes my eyes roll back so far that I’m staring at my brain.

There is a purpose for this however. Aside from the fact filling out home loan paperwork would be easier than to perform a single search here, with the vast inventory that Truck Paper has, there will PROBABLY be trucks returned.

So what’s the purpose? If the customer is looking for something VERY specific with VERY specific technical requirements this might be useful. Keep in mind too that the more technical requirements you specify in your search, the better it is to widen your search radius. This is assuming location isn’t a big factor in your buying decision of course.

But what about the Dealer or Dealer Franchise website that doesn’t have the inventory Truck Paper has? Would something like Truck Papers detailed search method work? Probably not because:

  1. The dealer(s) probably doesn’t have enough inventory to produce a search result
  2. Most dealers won’t even INPUT the detailed information to even be searched (inputting trucks into your inventory will be another article altogether).
  3. Most users will not spend the time doing this type of exhaustive search on your site

There’s a lot more to talk about in this discussion and there will be a follow-up. Including mobile… Stay tuned.